A Few Changes

Hello toasties!

Today marks the relaunch of Frankentoast, and I’m glad you’re here. You might notice a few changes apparent in the first comic. Here’s what’s going on:

My scanner broke and I looked into getting a new one, but I ultimately decided to go with a Wacom Bamboo Pen. I’ve been in Illustrator drawing my butt off ever since, trying to find a style that suits the comic. I think I’ve found it! There may be minor changes to the line style, but this is pretty much how it’s going to look.┬áThe comics should be uniform in size now, so there will be less of a difference in that, day to day.

All in all, it has become a lot easier to get the ideas from my brain onto “paper” with this tablet, and I think that is the most important thing considering the frequency of these updates.

Thanks again for checking out the site, plenty more updates are coming!


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  1. Fave says:

    I’ve been contemplating getting a Wacom tablet, but decided to stick with hand inking til the end of the year — just so I can get better at it. Best wishes on your comic endeavor (isn’t WebComic the shiznit?)

    • Frankentoast says:

      WebComic is awesome. I long for the day when I have more time to customize it a little, but the default style is nice in itself. If I could recommend anything, it would be to get the tablet but keep drawing your comics by hand. In your free time, redraw comics you’ve already made. This way you can see if you can duplicate the style you’ve got going, or see if the digital medium makes for a style you’d rather have. You can get the ball rolling early if you’re shooting for a new style in the new year. Thanks for checking out the site and keep yours up!

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