These are the Frankentoast archives. Older comics are at the bottom, newer comics are at the top.

Please pass the toast:
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August 9th It Really Hurts, Mommy
August 6th Another PSA
August 5th Oral Mutiny
August 4th One Man’s Opinion
August 3rd Queue Destroyer
August 2nd The Windbreaker
July 30th Rollin 2 Deep
July 29th What’s This Do?
July 28th Passive Ism
July 27th Comparative Reasoning
July 26th Brutal Honesty
July 23rd Copout
July 22nd Southern Aspirations
July 21st Double Oh My God
July 20th A’esome
July 19th Flopping Around
July 16th We All Have Dreams
July 15th Pwner Owner
July 14th Eyelash Do
July 13th Intrusiv Ajay
July 12th Rock My World
July 9th Cut It Out
July 8th Mister Hops
July 7th Questionable Pessimism
July 6th Questionable Optimism
July 5th Under The Weather
June 4th Big Crier
June 3rd Much Ink
June 2nd Kung ‘Brew
June 1st Guardian Angel
May 31st Jesus: Part Four
May 30th It’s Just Dessert
May 29th Save The Bubbies
May 28th Bragging Rights
May 27th Sombrero Fuerte
May 26th 4 Out Of 5
May 25th Esteem Recede
May 17th Mr. Mom
May 16th Jesus: Part Three
May 15th Ian The Ro-Man
May 14th Omnivorous Denial
May 13th Chopin Tell
May 12th Single Gearhead
May 11th Hooked On Yipponics
May 10th Honestrology
May 9th Midi-chlorian
May 8th To The Brim
May 7th Ocular Science
May 6th Childhood Poetry
May 5th Some Great Tits
May 4th Fish Sticks
May 3rd Viagra
May 2nd Trip Or Trip Not
May 1st Big Dreams
April 30th AIDS Station
April 29th D! R! I! E!
April 28th Personal Hygiene Trainer
April 27th Drinking For Two
April 26th Down And Out
April 25th Brine And Soul
April 24th For Garrison
April 23rd Jesus: Part Two
April 22nd Rogaine
April 21st Bugs Or Jugs
April 20th Heil Five
April 19th Anosmia Envy
April 18th Confidence
April 17th Pebble-Sized Boulder
April 16th Pricey Beans
April 15th Use The Foreskin
April 14th Brits Like Fags
April 13th Clit Beastwood
April 12th You Have Wrinkles
April 11th Hobo Choice
April 10th Gay Vampires Suck
April 9th Vacuum Sports
April 8th Baldo McBush
April 7th Inked Up
April 6th Still A Fistful
April 5th Hot For Teacher
April 4th Recognition
April 3rd Jesus: Part One
April 2nd You Win Some
April 1st Parsecs Offender